A GREEN DECADE? Environmental Justice, The Climate Crisis, the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe and Prospects for a Sustainable Future (E-Book)

The Green Decade was published on the background of ten years of the 2013 Constitution where Zimbabwe enacted Section 73 which provides for environmental rights. The book also reflects on the climate crisis and its effects on vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe and the Global South. The publication was made possible with the generous support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.



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An Advocacy Handbook on Environmental Rights and Climate Justice in Coal Communities

Simplified Position Paper on a Climate Change Act in Zimbabwe

Gold Capitalism and Disaster Preparedness - Battlefields Report (Advocates4Earth, Feb 2019)

The Climate Pitch

The Climate Pitch is a joint initiative by Advocates4Earth and MyGreenFund and supported by various development partners such as the Netherlands Embassy. The Climate Pitch invites innovative  eco-social entrepreneurs with innovative climate and green solutions to pitch and win capital and training to enable them to build their ideas or green businesses.  

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