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About us

Advocates4Earth is a non-profit, public interest environmental law, climate and wildlife justice organisation based in Zimbabwe and campaigning on Global South issues. The organisation conducts legal and policy research, public interest environmental litigation, public education and campaigns as well as treaty and legislative advocacy on the environment, natural resources, green finance and energy.


Defending Environmental Justice

The environment in most parts of the Global South has been affected, mostly by population growth, policies that cause environmental injustice and the lack of efficiency by local authorities to provide essential services and amenities especially to poorer and working class sections of the populace.

Fighting for Climate Justice

The world is facing serious existential challenges from a changing climate. Vulnerable population groups in the Global South suffer immense injustice from global warming, climate disasters and inequalities and yet have historically constituted very little to climate change.

Campaigning for Wildlife Justice

Wildlife and biodiversity are some of the significant and usually silent victims of modern society and modern capitalism. As an organisation, Advocates4Earth seeks to ensure that the Earth and her species, ecosystems, forests, water bodies, wetlands, wildlife and nature are afforded the best legal and advocacy services

EnviroCourt (Updates and resources on global environmental rulings)


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