Wildlife, Biodiversity and Nature

Wildlife and biodiversity are some of the significant and usually silent victims of modern society and modern capitalism. As an organisation, we seek to ensure that the Earth and her species, wildlife natural products are afforded the best legal and advocacy services.

Our main focus is on animals in captivity, trade in live wild animals and in wildlife specimens as well as the treatment of animals in festivals, transport and research facilities.

Advocates4Earth aims to protect all wildlife from extinction by the eradication of poaching, cruelty, poisoning and sport hunting.  To achieve this, the organisation will find ways of working with communities on eco-tourism , community involvement, law and policy reform as well as on the reduction of human-wildlife conflict.

Climate Justice, Extractives and Renewable Energy

The era of climate change is upon the world and yet one of the critical issues to discuss is socio-ecological transformation and energy. Access to energy is one of the principal means to service the most basic needs. Family life, health, education and general societal well-being would not thrive in the absence of energy. Without energy, life as we know it would cease to exist. However, environmental concerns also come into the forefront of access to energy concerns. Most African countries, with the inclusion of Zimbabwe, rely heavily on fossil fuels for energy generation and production. Furthermore, in Zimbabwe, 83% of urban households have electricity compared to only 13% in rural areas. Statistics also show that 65% of rural households use firewood for cooking while 30% use other forms of energy.


In the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference, Conference of Parties (COP24) in Katowice, Poland one of the declarations was a complete move from fossil fuels, which has detrimental effects on the environment through a high concentration of greenhouse gas emissions, to generate energy and use alternative sources like renewable energy. Parties were given until 2030 to ensure that grid and off-grid power supplies are based on one or more sources of renewable energy. Although Zimbabwe has shown concern in the past on its heavy reliance on fossil fuels, the draft Renewable Energy Policy presents a new thrust in power generation and production which not only benefits urban communities but has the potential to lift many rural communities from the pit of poverty.

Built Environment, Human Rights and Access to Water

The urban environment in Zimbabwe and most parts of the Global South have been affected, mostly by population growth and the resultant lack of efficiency by local authorities to provide essential services and amenities. These problems range from lack of access to water, waste collection and management as well as the development of private construction projects on wetlands and green spaces

Public Interest Litigation on Zimbabwe Wildlife Capture and Trade.

As the People and Earth Solidarity Law Network (our former name), we are involved in public interest litigation with Zimbabwean authorities on the capture and export of wild caught elephants to zoos. Read more

Response to Mining Disasters.

Advocates4Earth is concerned about the impact of the extractives industry on both the environment and humanity. We have critically analysed mining disasters in Zimbabwe. Read more

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