Wildlife, Biodiversity and Nature

Wildlife and biodiversity are some of the significant and usually silent victims of modern society and modern capitalism. As an organisation, we seek to ensure that the Earth and her species, wildlife and nature are afforded the best legal and advocacy services.

Our main focus is on animals in captivity, trade in live wild animals and in wildlife specimens as well as the treatment of animals in festivals, transport, and research facilities.

Climate Justice, Extractives & Renewable Energy

The era of climate change is upon the world and yet one of the critical issues to discuss is socio-ecological transformation and energy. Access to energy is one of the principal means to service the most basic needs. We interrogate and lobby for laws that support renewable energy and the departure from the harms caused by fossil fuels and the traditional extractive sector to both the environment and humanity.

Built Environment, Human Rights and Access to Water

The urban environment in Zimbabwe and most parts of the Global South have been affected, mostly by population growth and the resultant lack of efficiency by local authorities to provide essential services and amenities. These problems range from lack of access to water, waste collection and management as well as the development of private construction projects on wetlands and green spaces

Our Story

The idea for an organised vibrant network of environmental activists, lawyers, researchers and volunteers was built after realization that there is an immense need for legal advocates who can use their activism and time to initiate or empower critical grassroots campaigns for environmental, climate and wildlife justice in the Global South. This is crucial in the modern era of neo-liberal capitalism, climate injustice, dirty energy, lack of State transparency and disregard for biodiversity loss, wetlands protection or wildlife conservation and welfare.The organisation is based in Zimbabwe and was found by environmental lawyer and activist, Lenin Tinashe Chisaira. Advocates4Earth was originally known as the People and Earth Solidarity Law Network (PESLawyers).

The Solidarity aspect remains in our motto ‘Solidarity for Environmental Justice.’From inception, the organisation was registered as a non-profit Trust with the Ministry of Justice’s Deeds Registry in Harare, Zimbabwe in January 2019 under Deed Number: MA 0000133/2019.The organisation has initiated public interest litigation on sensitive issues such as wildlife capture and trade in Zimbabwe.

Representatives have participated in local and global forums such as the UNFCCC Cop24 (Katowice, Poland), CITES Cop18 (Geneva, Switzerland), the Alternative Mining Indaba (Cape Town, South Africa), Elephants in Captivity Indaba (Hermanus, South Africa) as well as the SADC Peoples Summit (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania).

In September 2019, the Board of Trustees resolved to change the name of the organisation from People and Earth Solidarity Law Network-PESLawyers to Advocates4Earth. A deed of amendment was subsequently filed with the Deeds Registry (MA 2150/2019). This change was hoped to better reflect the organisation’s role as environmental, climate and wildlife legal advocates representing hundreds of communities, species, environmental activists, researchers, lawyers and non-lawyers, volunteers and affiliates.


Our work needs support. You can get involved by donating your labour or making a contribution. To do so, kindly get in touch with us on:

Email: advocates4earth.trust@gmail.com

Twitter: @Advocates4Earth

Phone: +263 719 678 928

Our Newsletter

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Our Services

Advocates4Earth provides a number of services in the public interest and in the interest of the environment:

Legal services

Lobbying and promoting the interests  of clients, species  and stakeholders on environmental, climate and wildlife justice at local, central and multinational governance levels.

Advocacy services to raise public and legislative awareness on environmental, climate and wildlife justice-related problems and solutions.

Social media and online e-newsletter and e-statements on environmental, climate and wildlife justice.

Research and consultancy services

Fund raising for environmental, climate and wildlife  justice.Training and e-educational services on environmental laws and policies to communities, legislators and other interested parties.

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Advocates4Earth understands the imperative need to protect the environment, climate and wildlife through the law and other means. We are aware of the prohibitive legal costs in Zimbabwe and globally.

Our work is helped by a network of full time, part time and volunteer lawyers and non-lawyers. They need support of whatever means, financial or otherwise to continue doing the work.

To support, seek assistance, partnership or collaboration with  Advocates4Earth in protecting our environment, climate or wildlife , or to instruct us, please send an email to campaigns@advocates4earth.org or advocates4earth.trust@gmail.com

How to get involved…

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