May 10, 2022


Enhancing Environmental Law, Solidarity & Climate Justice

Human Rights & Environmental Justice

The environment in most parts of the Global South has been affected, mostly by population growth, policies that cause environmental injustice and the lack of efficiency by local authorities to provide essential services and amenities especially to poorer and working class sections of the populace. Resultant problems range from lack of access to water, waste collection and management as well as the development of private construction projects on wetlands and green spaces. In rural areas, communities face the ever growing threat of land grabbing, food insecurity, violence in the face of expanding capitalist projects in mining, urbanisation and mono-culture farming.

Our goal is to achieve the adequate protection of people’s environmental justice and human and people’s rights in the Global South.

We organise the Annual Youth Symposium on Human Rights and Socio-Ecological Transformation each year to interrogate and organise youths on these issues. The first Annual Youth Symposium was held in 2018, the second in 2019 and the third is being planned for 2020 in the coal ravaged town of Hwange, Zimbabwe.

Papers presented at the Symposium are published in the People and Earth: Journal on Environmental, Climate and Wildlife Justice. (Accessible at

VIDEO: Land Grabbing and Water Pollution, Discussion at Annual Youth Symposium 2019