May 10, 2022


Enhancing Environmental Law, Solidarity & Climate Justice

Our Letter to the US Fish and Wildlife Services on Continued Slaughters of Lions by American Trophy Hunters.

Advocates4Earth as a Zimbabwe-registered non-profit, public interest environmental law, climate and wildlife justice organization has written a letter to the United States Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS) and the Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland (US) raising concerns on Hunting trophy imports to the United States from Zimbabwe and the continued slaughters of lions by American trophy hunters

The letter arises given the United States government’s history with liaising with the Zimbabwe government on hunting trophy imports to the US from Zimbabwe and given the continued slaughters of lions by American trophy hunters. Trophy hunting of lions in Zimbabwe or any part of the World is unsustainable, unethical, lacks transparency, and violates the environmental rights of Zimbabwean citizens enshrined in Section 73 of our Constitution and potentially violates the spirit of the Parks and Wildlife Act.

Cecil the Lion lured out of Hwange National Park and killed by an American trophy hunter in July 2015.
Mopane the Lion, lured and killed by an American Trophy hunter in August 2021. Lots of other less famous lions are slaughtered each hunting season.