May 10, 2022


Enhancing Environmental Law, Solidarity & Climate Justice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What exactly is Advocates4Earth?

Advocates4Earth is a non-profit environmental law, climate, and wildlife justice organisation. The organisation was found on 22 January 2019 and registered as ‘People and Earth Solidarity Law Network-PESLawyers’. In September 2019, the Board of Trustees resolved to change the name to ‘Advocates4Earth.’

Why don’t you cover [add a certain environmental issue here] or a particular area?

Our work requires the support of people and institutions around Zimbabwe and the world. We have limited resources to cover all issues related to the environment, climate or wildlife. if you care about a particular issue or area, kindly get in touch with our team so you donate your time, labour or make a contribution to enable our team to do so.

Can i set up an Advocates4Earth Branch/Society at my campus, workplace, city or country?

Of course! We are committed to building a grassroots global movement for environmental, climate and economic justice. Get in touch with our team.