Impacts Of Climate Change

By Ndatenda Njanike (Press and Communications Officer)

WEATHER patterns are shifting as a result of warming temperatures, which is also upsetting the natural order. This puts both ourselves and all other kinds of life on Earth in grave danger.

The poorest communities are the strongest hit by Climate change as they are the least able to cope with the growing impacts of the global crisis.

An approximation of 3.3 billion and 3.6 billion people live in such hotspots and these are across Africa, South, Asia, South and Central America, and other small Islands.

The Effects  of climate change include limited clean drinking water, energy crisis, sanitation, health facilities to education.

Men and women are affected differently due to climate change, however, Women and Children suffer the most as they are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Climate change affects from mountain tops to deep oceans as it threatens biodiversity which contributes a lot to our ecosystem.

Extreme events have increased in recent years as the world has witnessed a number of nations and their effects are changing ecosystems across the globe.

As Advocates4Earth we feel that is essential that it is our role as humans to participate in climate change mitigation and adaptation and call for climate justice.

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